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World’s Greatest Treasure Hunt

Nova Scotia's remote Oak Island is the site of "The Money Pit" -- and has become ground zero for over 200 years of intense treasure hunting and exploration. This is a true story. And a true mystery.

Beginning in 1795 (when the pit was first discovered by young Daniel McGinnis, an 18-year-old who was exploring the island), repeated excavations have uncovered mysterious findings, including layers of man-made artifacts over 100 feet down. Famous American celebrities and U.S. politicians have joined in the hunt -- including Hollywood actor John Wayne and former U.S. President FDR. Up until now expeditions have ended in sudden collapse, mysterious flooding of the shaft -- and death (6 men).

Today in 2014, the mysteries and the legend remain: "What's buried at the bottom of the Oak Island Quest?" Join the journey of discovery through history -- and discover your own treasure.

What’s Buried At The Bottom?

The world’s greatest treasure hunt began in 1795 on Nova Scotia’s barren Oak Island on Canada's Atlantic coastline. Numerous expeditions have been mounted to uncover the mystery, but in every case, sophisticated engineering “traps” have stopped the island’s explorers in their tracks.

What’s buried at the bottom of the Oak Island Quest? Numerous theories have been proposed. Is it a fortune in “Pirate Gold” or an “English King’s Silver?” Original “Shakespeare manuscripts?” A “Viking Shipwreck?” Sacred remnants from the Knights Templar, or even “The Holy Grail” itself? All these and more have been proposed – but after more than two centuries we still don’t know the answer to history’s greatest true mystery!

Now you and your friends can share in exploring the mystery online – from all over the world!

Find Your Fortune!

In the spirit of ancient and modern explorers who have searched for the hidden treasure of Oak Island, we’ve created this online Treasure Hunt – just for you!

Play "Oak Island Quest - INSTANT WIN!" You can return to play again every day!

"Pick & Play to Win!" by "Liking" us on Facebook and entering the INSTANT WIN with a valid email address. Then simply make your prediction and you're INSTANTLY ENTERED TO WIN one of our Grand Prizes -- ($25 Amazon Gift Cards). You can return to play again every day!

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The Quest Goes On

Today, after 200 years, the Quest to discover the hidden treasure of Oak Island goes on. In 2014 the latest chapter began unfolding as “History" TV Network launched the latest documentary series. “The Curse Of Oak Island” (Sunday nights, 10 PM EST) follows the exploits of two determined brothers from Michigan in their quest to get to the bottom of "The Money Pit" to discover and solve the mystery of the Oak Island Quest. Follow along – check out these links!

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